Serafina Scrapping

Serafina Scrapping

Friday, October 12, 2012

ShinHan Markers Update

Super exciting news. I got to meet some awesome ShinHan marker representatives. Needless to say, we are going to be seeing much more of ShinHan markers on the market and being used in the very highest  quality art institutes. 

Better news, 36 new color releases for 2012: 

YR 211, Y222, Y221, Y224, Y225, 
GY231, Y223, GY232, GY234, GY236, GY235, G241, GY237, GY233, G242, G243,
B261, B262, B263, PB271, PB272
RP293, PB273, PB274,
 P281, P283, P282, RP291, RP292
BR113, BR114, BR115, BR116, BR112, BR11.

You know what that means, I have to get them all!

Hugs, Kiki

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